Miyamoto Musashi's Remarkable Path through Life


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"Будь-хто може здатися, це найпростіше в світі. Але тримати це разом, коли всі інші зрозуміють, якщо ти розпадешся, це справжня сила”

"Budʹ-khto mozhe zdatysya, tse nayprostishe v sviti. Ale trymaty tse razom, koly vsi inshi zrozumiyutʹ, yakshcho ty rozpadeshsya, tse spravzhnya syla”

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”

—-— Miyamoto Musashi

In the long and complicated—often hotly contended—narrative of Miyamoto Musashi’s life there are a number of important questions that remain tantalizingly elusive: What was his appearance? Where was he born? To what clan did he belong? Who was his father? Who was his mother? Who were his children? With whom did he duel? In what battles did he participate? Who were his patrons? Where did he travel? And where is his grave?

This site seeks to bring order in that chaos by carefully reconstructing the narrative of Musashi’s life. Through a clearly defined number of themes it finally address those hitherto unanswered questions on the basis of the original Japanese sources. Unless they are waylaid by firm historical fact, it gives as much credence as possible to these early accounts, not only because they are the only true sources we have, but to do justice to the great efforts of those early historians, many of whom dedicated the better part of their lives in a serious quest to uncover all they could about the man they, like so many after them, had come to admire.

These pages also allow the reader to actually follow in Musashi's footsteps. One can also use the Google Street View in the items of the Travels section to make a virtual tour of the sites in question, including, in some cases, even the interiors of buildings.

Try it: Witness the devastation to Kumamoto castle, once the home of Miyamoto Musashi… 

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